Stockbee Swing Trading Bootcamp January 2021

 gravatarmagu0076:35 PM Jan 8th 2021

For those who have not attended a Pradeep's bootcamp, it is more than worth it: the time and cost to attend is a bargain for everything you learn.

I live outside the United States, and I attended a live bootcamp 3 years ago, It took me 2 days to arrive and two days to return home (every penny invested in that trip was worth it and exceeded my expectations) and it was a dream come true for me. 

I attended another virtual bootcamp last year and every time I have learned more and each attendance has strengthened my trading. My goal is to continue attending a bookcamp every year. I always learn something new, it reinforces my learning and it has made me a better trader/investor. My account balance proves it.

Pradeep is so generous in sharing his knowledge and strategy, and his patience with those who want to learn is worth gold.

I have learned with Pradeep and his community what I could never learn before with books and other services. I have been here for several years now and I feel so lucky.

Just after I joined Stockbee a Bootcamp was announced. I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend because there was so much information to absorb. I figured I'd wait but then I changed my mind and signed up at the last minute. I'll tell you that a Bootcamp will increase your grasp of the numerous strategies presented in the shortest possible time! It left me with a solid foundation that I've continued to build upon and make my own. Mind clarity galore. :)

I would highly recommend the Bootcamps. They are a great way to not only get started but also a way to consolidate the principals that make up the different trading set ups. I suggest actually MULTIPLE Bootcamps...you will find that each one will reveal a new pearl that can make all the difference.

I've attended 2 boot camps. One 3 years ago in New Jersey and one last year on Zoom. I remember sitting next to Larry F in New Jersey and asking him why he wasn't taking any notes. Now that was a stupid question. Thanks Larry for your help at the meeting. Pradeep is a natural teacher. He selfishly shares his knowledge and really wants you to succeed. How many gurus do that? He's well organized; He not only teaches you the various principles of trading but gives you the tools to find the trade setups and the trade management to execute and manage them. Again how many gurus do that. I've attended presentations from most of these gurus, attended most of the IBD Master classes and I can honestly say I've gotten more practical information from Pradeep than anyone else. 2lynch is priceless. If you're new, take the boot camp. I plan to take another toward the end of the year. Hopefully Rutgers will be available.

I'm taking my second boot camp on the 25th the first one last January was priceless, Pradeep is so good at explaining how to trade without taking stupid risks and most importantly how to find the setups yourselves. I've taken note of the more experienced traders that attend boot camps every year they all say the same thing, that there's always another little gem that can give you an edge that can get you into a trade before the crowd. I can't recommend Pradeep's boot camp enough if you're not sure just read all the past comments I've never read a negative post.

Stockbee Swing Trading  Bootcamp January 2021

Jan   25 26 27 28

Time : 6 pm to 9 PM Eastern time

Conducted on Zoom and recordings will be available.

email :easyguru@gmail.com 


  1. Extracting money out of the market using 4% , $ b/o, and LTB

  2. Extracting money out of the market using Anticipation

  3. Extracting money out of the  market using Reversals

  4. Extracting money out of the  market using Top 25

  5. Extracting money out of the market using 9 million b/o

  6. Extracting money out of the market using NTRT/MTRT

  7. Extracting money out of the market using Analyst Target raises ANA3

  8. Extracting money out of market using Strong structure and weak structure short

  9. Situational Awareness for Swing traders

  10. Visualization Techniques for improving performance

  11. Organizing For profit (OLC) 

  12. Developing Mind Clarity through Deep Dives

  13. Working People Method

  14. 401 k

  15. Find Free Money FFM as a trading way

Cost: $450 for Non Members paypal to easyguru@gmail.com 

email :easyguru@gmail.com to confirm after payment

Feedback from a trader who spent 10k on another trading course posted in members site: 

I would make these comments having done SMB Foundation and spent nearly 3 months here.

1/ There is more than enough here at a Stockbee for you to become an incredibly, incredibly successful trader and for $300/yr its probably unheard value for trader education.

2/ There is a solid pedagogy that Pradeep follows and in some elements It caused me to fundamentally re work my trading. It's also a much more personalized place and very collaborative here.

3/ If you look at the book 'The StockTwits Edge' Pradeep is right in there alongside of Bella, Spencer and Gman the founding partners of SMB.

4/ I'm guessing on this point, as chatting to Bella he mentions a lot of retail traders have become successful 1M+ but I think that in aggregate wealth creation; their would be more created from Stockbee members even if you exclude outliers such as Qualamagie, 100$ Million trader guy.

All my members or Bootcamp signups come through reference from existing members. 

Allmy members come through existing members so talk to some of them. They are all over twitter. You can start by looking up 
do your own research . Talk to members. 
And if you see the latest Market Wizard book you will see member from our site interviewed 

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