Situational Awareness and T3A


As you can see the first section in my newsletter is situational awareness. It is a very important skill every active swing trader should develop. It is a bit of higher order skill.

Situational Awareness or SA will always keep you on right side of the market and avoid big drawdowns. SA is constant awareness about what is happening in the market and as a result how you should calibrate your risk and which setup to emphasize.

In order to develop SA skills train your mind to T3A (think 3 days ahead). That way you are not caught by surprise.

SA is very important skills for traders who constantly go through up down in their trading . They run up account then get caught in one of the market pullbacks or shakeout and lose money. 

Everyday in our morning Zoom call on member site the first topic of discussion in Situational Awareness. 

If you are serious about making money in the stock market build this important skill. 

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