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Stop whining about the markets


You can not control the market but you can control your trading.
Too many traders blame markets, algos, shorts, volatility and so on and so on instead of focusing on making money. 
Those things are not under your control and your whining is not going to help you make money.
Focus on what is under your control.
Do a good job of that and then as you will see somewhere on Stockbee logo "Methods Trump Markets"

What is under your control

What markets to trade
What style to trade
What timeframe to trade
What setup to trade
What kind of stocks to trade
Where to enter
Where to put stop
Where to exit
How much to risk

If you focus on things like these you will find opportunities daily in the market. 


some0ne said...

What's your take on where we will end up this year on The spy?

Pradeep Bonde said...

No idea.