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Should you become a full time trader

Every week I get emails from members or non members asking how can they become full time trader.
In order to become full time trader you need a structured method with edge. You need ability to take risk and persist in spite of setbacks .
You need ability to correct your own mistakes and develop and innovate when market changes.
You also need ability to take huge risk because outcome is not guaranteed in this business.
But above all you need capital and bigger the account you can trade the better it is .
Realistically speaking with less than 500k capital it is tough to make living in this business.
If you have sufficient capital then things are easier.
So don't give up your main job or business till you have large capital to trade. Keep growing your account till you have sufficient returns to live comfortably. 
There might be many people telling you impossible things like you can become full time trader with 5k or 30k. Don't buy in to that.If you have good trading skill look for financiers who can back you up for a % of profit.


WNP2 said...

How many positions would you have if you had a 500K to use to become a fulltime swing trader?

Pradeep Bonde said...

3 to 5