Stocks likely to make 8% to 20% move : Feb 22, 2017 | stockbee


Stocks likely to make 8% to 20% move : Feb 22, 2017


Markus D. said...

thanks for sharing all this information and your insights on Stockbee. Your site has been very helpful for myself in becoming a profitable trader. Since there is much room for improvement I have many open questions.
When it comes to Anticipating Setups, I am using your list as kind of a benchmark and comparison for my own findings. What stocks did I miss? Which ones are in my list and are missing on yours and maybe why? It helps me get a better feeling for certain setups. So, thanks for sharing 
As I said I still have room for improvement. I am quite curious what actually triggers an entry for you once you decided to enter one of the stocks. How do you decide when a breakout from an Anticipation Setup is legit? When not? I use to set alarms and get orders ready around key-resistence areas with a look on a lower timeframe chart (15min i.e.), I trigger when reached and volume seems fine. Unfortunately, as it tends to happen at key-resistance areas, they trigger and reverse – fake out. More often than I like, they even reverse to trigger the stop at the low of the day.
It would be great if you could share an example some time, intraday that is. An Anticipation Setup you traded and that triggered intraday. Both, a successful trade and even an unsuccessful trade would be more than helpful to get a better understanding what happens intraday when you trade an Anticipating Setup. What made you enter it? Where did you enter it? When did you add to position, if you did? How did you decide on the size? Do you usually take a small position to check whether the breakout is legit and increase the position (when and where?) once the stock got moving? Or are you entering with full risk allowed by stop at low of day?
The devil is in the details. It would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for all your work you put into Stockbee.

Pradeep Bonde said...

will do that sometime in next few weeks. I do not look at intraday charts for entry. I enter on pre determined levels and in my experience if you select right setup reversals are not as common as you seem to suggest. For example I entered DFIN (which was anticipation setup) at 24.19 on 2/16/2017 with stop at low of day. The price was pre determined and I had order in place once it went to that price it triggered a buy. Or OCLR which was anticipation setup and I entered with an order to buy once it crosses 9.7. The order got triggered stop was low of day (2/13/2017). I closed that trade on 2/21 for around 9% profit.

Markus D. said...

Thank you very much for your fast reply and clarification. Knowing that you strictly focus on daily charts helps a lot. Your mentioned trades gave me something to work on over the weekend to further analyse and compare to the entries I chose.
As for the reversals, I said I got plenty of room for improvement ;-) But I am getting there, slowly. It is always a big struggle do decide where would be the best place to put an Entry to minimize the risk of a reversal. If you are willing to share some insight, I would be more than thankful. Keep up the good work. Always happy to read your updates.
Best, Markus