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How to profit from big earnings surprise Part 2

Big earnings surprise leads to big moves.
We are currently in earnings season and it is good time to look at stocks with big earnings surprises daily and see how stock reacts to it. 
It is very easy to find these earnings surprise stocks. Information for that is available free on many Finance sites. 
One good site to find earnings data and earnings surprise is Zacks.
You can also look for earnings surprise history for any stock on chart. It also shows you how stock reacted to that surprise.
For example look at OCLR chart below. You will see a big earnings surprise started the rally few months ago. 

Make a habit of studying stocks earnings growth and surprise history. Look at NVDA which was one of the biggest winner last year in S&P 500. Look at its earnings history shown below.

If you are serious about making money trading ,you can gain an edge by focusing on stocks with first or second big earnings surprise. It will help you catch some big moves. 


Ron Spano said...

Hi Pradeep
What percent range increase in earnings and sales surprise typically provides a positive scenario for a stock?
Thank You

Pradeep Bonde said...

50% plus. Higher the better