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Look for explosive moves like AKAO and HQY

AKAO is up 9% pre market. This stocks was highlighted here couple of times before its 27% move in six days as anticipation setup.

Bullish Anticipation Setups for January 4, 2017

The stock had a good anticipation setup as per my guidelines for finding anticipation setups.  Next day it had a breakout and since then it is up 27% (taking pre market price in to consideration.

The  stock has also been part of the Stockbee  50 list for multiple days. If you just focus on those 50 stocks you can find several good opportunities in a year.

Top Ranked stocks by momentum. The list is  updated daily after market close. You can access all the Top ranked momentum stocks for free by visiting this link.

If you want to find next AKAO kind opportunity , then set up your own scans and process to find and trade them. I have detailed the process to find such stock multiple times. Study the posts in the sidebar of this blog.

Another stock which I highlighted 2 days ago in video HQY was found using same methodology and scans. It is up 17% in 2 days.
HQY had successful  breakout and followed through with explosive gains.

If you are serious about making money trading stocks then invest time and effort in mastering few key setups and then you will be on your own finding stocks like these. Anyone with just average intelligence can find stocks like these day in and day out once they master this setup.

First step in finding stocks like these is to focus on stocks with confirmed momentum. These stocks go through periods of range contraction. Such range contraction period is followed by range expansion.

The range expansion phase leads to momentum burst that results in stocks making quick 8% to 40% move in matter of days. By constantly exposing your capital to such momentum burst trades you can accumulate profit over multiple trade while managing your risk.

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Ron Spano said...

Hi Pradeep
AKAO up early
Seems has more strength to run