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How to find big moves Part1

8 to 40% move in stock is common and requires no catalyst. These are swing moves. They happen very frequently.
But a 100% plus move is not common and it requires some catalyst. When a stock doubles, there is often some major reason behind the move. Many times this reason is apparent at start of the move.
If you want to catch big moves , scan for stocks that doubled and then pullback or consolidate for few months. These stocks have a good catalyst and that catalyst can often lead to further move in those stocks. 
Those are proven horses.Something is going right for those stocks.
In order to find stocks that are potentially going to double you can develop a simple scan in Telechart that looks for stocks that have doubled after putting in a bottom.
c/minl252>=1.80 and minv3.1>=100000 and c>=5
These are the stocks that are your starting point. On these stocks then look for consolidation of few weeks to enter.

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