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Profit from Absolute Momentum

There are two kinds of momentum: relative and absolute momentum.
Relative momentum ranks stocks by relative rank to other stocks or an index.
The IBD relative Strength ranking method is an example of that. It ranks stocks from 99 to 1 based on their weighted average momentum.
That is one way to look at momentum, but if you want to make money trading stocks learn about Absolute Momentum.
Absolute Momentum does not rank stock in relation to other but identifies the direction and strength of momentum. It is significantly better way to find momentum stocks. It allows you to identify start and end of a  momentum phase. 
Everything on this site is "mostly" about Absolute Momentum.
Stockbee 4% breakout is absolute momentum scan
Stockbee $ breakout is about absolute momentum
Stockbee Trend Intensity 65 is absolute momentum scan
Stockbee MDT is absolute momentum scan
Stockbee Double trouble is absolute momentum scan
Stockbee Half Trouble is absolute momentum scan
@mystery scan is also absolute momentum scan
Absolute Momentum tells you when stock is in momentum phase and it also tells you the velocity of the momentum move.

To make money using momentum , you must understand absolute momentum.
The best way to understand that is by downing a bottle of Absolut and then studying absolute momentum.

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