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How to capture a 16% move in 3 days

GLOB had a range expansion 3 days ago. Since then stock is up 16%.

Prior to range expansion stock had an established momentum as calculated using % change from 52 week low. As you will see in chart below prior to breakout day it meets all the conditions for good anticipation setup.

Momentum burst is the structural nature of stock moves. You can see this kind of move happening all the time. Yo u can build your swing trading strategy around trading these kind of moves.

If you are really serious about making money trading everyday just spend 15 minutes going through stocks with established momentum, identify anticipation setups on them and enter as they breakout. After that manage the trade using tight stops and exit at right time.

For example if you have all the scans setup for finding swing setups like these today early after market close you will find stock like OME.

    When you setup all scans and develop expertise to trade these kind of setup , all you need to do is run scan , find good setup and enter. 

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