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Anticipation Setups for Oct 6, 2015

If you want to make money swing trading , then setting up a simple process that identifies stocks likely to breakout can help you find trades daily.

The process I use to find anticipation candidates is simple and it just requires at best 5 to 10 minutes of effort after market close. Anyone motivated enough to find 8 to 20% moves in market can do this once they set up everything.

Anticipation setup looks for a stock with established momentum that is having a orderly momentum pause and series of low range days or in other words having volatility contraction.  These kind of stocks breakout with force and make 8 to 20% move in 1 to 3 days after breakout.

These are candidates I am watching currently from anticipation scans:\


One of the advantage of anticipation setup is it allows you to have very tight stop and as a result better risk reward trade. It also gives you control over your trade as you are not reacting to market breakouts and chasing things.

Anticipation setups work best on stocks with established momentum . These stocks can have several momentum bursts of 8 to 20% duration during their up move.

If you are motivated trader and keen on making money trading then developing a process and expertise to trade this kind of setup will help you find hundreds of these kind of trades in a year. 

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