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Stockbee 50 Anticipation Setups for Jan 6, 2015

The Stockbee 50 is a list of stocks with above average momentum. These are the fastest moving stocks in the market currently. The stocks are fastest moving stocks in market. For swing traders they offer good 3 to 5 days opportunity
Stocks with above average momentum, move in sharp 3 to 5 bursts of 8 to 40%. Swing traders focus on these kinds of setups. For a hold period of 3 to 5 days they can give you very explosive returns on your trade.
Many of these stocks are not on the radar of many investors because they are more driven by well known name
If you go through the stocks in the list you will see some of them are setting up for breakout in next couple of days. These are the stocks you should focus on and create anticipation orders to get into them quickly on any breakout.
ASPX,  MGNX, ANIP, BLUE  and TRXC setups are for swing traders for 3 to 5 days swing trades. These are breakout anticipation setups I am watching. Due to my  large account size,  I only focus on high priced stocks but for small acount lower priced stocks are also highlighted.
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E:\Anuja\stockbee\momentum 50\aspx.jpg
E:\Anuja\stockbee\momentum 50\trxc.jpg
E:\Anuja\stockbee\momentum 50\mgnx.jpg

SRNE, SWIR, TTPH, TGTX, SCMP are other stocks that are in process of forming constructive bases. Or they can also offer short opportunity if they breakdown.

If you are serious about making money swing trading the Stockbee 50 offers you a powerful list of momentum stocks to focus on. It reduces your trading list to just handful of stocks to focus on. It is updated daily and is completely free.

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