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Stockbee 50: Anticipation Setups for Jan 13, 2015

The Stockbee 50 is a list of stocks with above average momentum. These are the fastest moving stocks in the market currently. For swing traders they offer good 3 to 5 days opportunity
Stocks with above average momentum, move in sharp 3 to 5 bursts of 8 to 40%. Swing traders focus on these kinds of setups.
ANIP and SRNE are on my watchlist for possible breakout to upside.  These setups are for swing traders for 3 to 5 days of swing trades. Sometimes an anticipation setup can also breakdown to downside.
E:\Anuja\stockbee\momentum 50\ANIP.jpg

E:\Anuja\stockbee\momentum 50\SRNE.jpg

If you are serious about making money swing trading the Stockbee 50 offers you a powerful list of momentum stocks to focus on. This list is updated daily.

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