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Stockbee 50: Anticipation Setups for Jan 27, 2015

Anticipation allows you to control risk and get into setups early or as they are breaking out. Anticipating a breakout helps improve your per trade profits. It can also lower your risk as your stop is close. It can help you profit from even smaller moves.
Anticipation requires more pre planning and effort than buying a breakout. You need a process flow to do that. The process should be done daily and followed consistently.
Yesterday a few stocks were mentioned in the anticipation setups post. Out of which SRNE and HALO and JPC had  good breakouts.
ADHD is the stock I am watching from the Stockbee 50 list for possible breakout to upside. The setup is very nice. It has narrow range days on very low volume.
ECTE is a good setup for people who trade low priced stocks.
If you are serious about making money swing trading the Stockbee 50 offers you a powerful list of momentum stocks to focus on.
Perfecting a setup like anticipation gives you regular trading opportunities. Once you become good at it , it takes just 10 to 15 minutes effort to find 1 to 5 good opportunities.

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