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Top 50 stocks for swing traders

Momentum investing or swing trading using momentum involves finding a stock that already has established a strong uptrend or downtrend and then waiting for a continuation point to enter. As the Market Wizard Ed Seykota says find something  moving at 100 miles per hour and then enter with one inch stop.

Rate of change is the best way to calculate momentum and it allows you to rank stock by momentum. Rate of change is period specific. So a one year ROC will find you fastest moving stocks on a yearly time frame while a 65 day ROC will find you best moving stocks in a quarter.

Longer term momentum ranking are good for long term and intermediate term traders. The longer term anchored momentum helps you find longer term winner. When a stock makes long term move , it will have periods of fast momentum followed by momentum pause of several weeks to months. This allows longer term players to investigate the stock to find  the catalyst behind the move and wait for the stock to setup for entry.

Continuation patterns like cup with handle, high tight flag , falling wedges form , and double bottom near top of the range are most common patterns that form on highly ranked momentum stocks on one year time scale. As these patterns take weeks to form, the informed speculator has time to anticipate entry on these kind of stocks.

Shorter term continuation patterns form on stocks with 65 day momentum. High tight flags and bull flags  are the most common continuation patterns on highly ranked stock by 65 day momentum. Many of these powerful momentum movers have very shallow corrections before they continue onward.

One year momentum allows you to identify new emerging leaders. A stock that has been in longer term downtrend or is in long term consolidation breaks out with strong momentum , then it first shows up on 21 day momentum ranks. These stocks often go on to make big moves after a pullback.

Monitoring a combination of  one year, one quarter and one month momentum leader gives you the fastest set of moving stocks in the market.  When the overall market is in uptrend these stocks make explosive moves of 8 to 40% in matter of days. Some of them double or triple in matter of weeks.

What goes up fast  also comes down fast. When market enters correction phase , momentum stocks are the stocks likely to come under pressure a lot. Some of them will quickly give up their gains and drop in ranking. Short sellers thrive on fading momentum moves.

Monitoring the Top ranked stocks by momentum daily will give you best set of swing trading candidates during bull market. If you want to be a swing trader you should educate yourself in detail about momentum, how to calculate momentum, how to rank stocks by momentum , how to swing trade momentum stock and how to use momentum to find longer term moves.

Top 50 momentum stocks for swing trader

Only stocks with 100000 plus volume considered.

Ranked using one year anchored  momentum

  1. XGTI
  2. RVLT
  3. IDRA
  4. ACAD
  5. VIPS
  6. AEGR
  7. MTG
  8. ZHNE
  9. CSIQ
  10. USU
  11. TSLA
  12. BCRX
  13. JKS
  14. CLVS
  15. SPWR
  16. NFLX
  17. CPRX
  18. AUDC
  19. INSM
  20. EVC
  21. CZR
  22. RSOL
  23. GALT
  24. TSL
  25. OWW
  26. GST
  27. SOL
  28. ACRX
  29. PLUG
  30. CLDX
  31. KERX
  32. LIN
  33. BEAT
  34. AFOP
  35. Z
  36. PRMW
  37. RDN
  38. TEAR
  39. CHTP
  40. GMCR
  41. NXST
  42. SVU
  43. PACB
  44. PGNX
  45. VNDA
  46. GRPN
  47. QIHU
  48. GTN
  49. KCG
  50. ABFS
You can access all the Top ranked momentum stocks for free by visiting this link. The link gives you list of stocks on one year , 65 days and 21 days momentum. That way you can focus on red hot momentum stocks in all three time frames of short, medium and long term.  

Develop your own momentum scan and understand momentum concept and it will save you lot of money and make you lot of money. 

The list is updated daily.

While only 50 stocks are highlighted here , if you want to swing trade you need to look at larger universe of around 500 stocks. That way you will find 2 to 3 good trade ideas regularly. Swing traders must focus on fast moving stock. This is especially important if you have small account and you want to grow it big.

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