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Situational Awareness

Market currently in down swing on smaller time frame. n larger timescale stuck in range.
For over a year the market is range bound. Rallies have an average duration at best of 2 weeks.
While it is possible a bounce might develop in year end as of now unless you see breadth day (300 plus day to upside on 4% b/o) it is still not a market to be aggressively long. Same thing applies to short side.

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IswingTradeStocksAndFutures said...

I'm reading your blog for about half a year and I wanted to thank you. Your insights in to Livermore setups ar very interesting. Moreover, it is very interesting to read your own market analysis.
I'm trading for about 4-5 years and decided to start my own blog. I hope it will be useful for trading community ;)