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Member Feedback

Just a small note to thank you for your site and to wish you happy new year. I am glad I found your site last year. I had lost lot of money in my investment and in the past subscribed to many newsletters, but your site is the only one that really gave me a trading template to use on my own.

I love your effort at enhancing members understanding of markets and setups. The series of posts and videos on setup selection have been excellent. That made me think about my trading. I look forward to each of the post on that topic and eagerly wait your next round of discussion about swing trading setups.

Your site is unique in the trading  newsletter/ trading blog universe. It has so much information and it focuses on teaching people to fish on their own rather than just stock picks. The members interaction is great. I have learned so much from discussion of members method. I especially appreciate the contribution by ckergin, robbiefx, vbbee and heatherjones. I have been using the vbbee method on TNA and has been very successful. Thanks for offering a platform for members to share such methods. You have a great community.

Once again happy new year and all the best for 2012. I look forward to learning more and enhancing my self efficacy.

Praveen B.

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