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Shorten your learning curve

As I have been re reading many of these books on trading for the setup selection series, some of the things stands out. All these people were very ordinary people. They did not have much money when they started trading , but once they cracked the setup and built a method around the setup in few years they had made huge amount of money.
They were very much like most members/readers around here. They did not instantly became successful. They struggled, tried different setups, tried different time frames , and through that process they found their setup. All of them found their setup through empirical studies. Most of them took 3 to 10 years to put together all elements of trading before they really found success.
If you build on their experience, hopefully you will have shorter learning curve. But still you will need to persevere. Lot of traders try trading for few months or a year or so and if they do not immediately find success they give up.

Reproduced from the Stockbee members site. On the members site there is more extensive discussion on these setups and how to set them up in Telechart. In last 2 weeks there  are over 300 posts on setups on members site. 


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