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One Goal. One Step

In the last few years many of the current or past members of Stockbee site have started their own blog as a self development tool and also to document their market understandings. Once they gain mastery in a trading concept or a trading method they often start blogs or develop tools to help their own trading.

Continuing the same tradition one of the Stockbee member has started a blog Trendwithin. In his first post he details a market timing approach using various methods besides Market Monitor. It is a very interesting post and you would learn a lot by going through details of his post.

How would you like your eggs?

It is said the mark of an elite chef is their ability to cook the simple egg, so by this standard an amazing breakfast cook is truly a spectacle to watch- slightly hunched forward over a multi-burner stove and flat top innately aware of where the over medium, over hard, slightly runny, or the sunny up is situated and which ticket it belongs to while keeping two omelets going, a frittata, 6 slices of French toast and 3 pancakes going and doing this for hours as the line out the door seems only to grow until the last grumbling stomachs are seated or move elsewhere by noon.

One of the hallmarks of the breakfast cook is timing for without it everything falls apart rapidly and it takes more than a few lawn mowers and goats to get one unstuck from those weeds. Granted over time proficiency builds until the point this dance becomes second nature and simply about executing time after time, but the tempo must still be kept keeping in cadence with the ebb and flow of customers and servers.

In many walks of life timing is an important factor and trading is no different and as such I've developed the belief that market timing can be done and has been shown to work as attested by audited results of some of the elite traders, Dan Zanger, Mark Minervini, Morales and Kacher etc... as such, I have chosen to put in the effort to develop an understanding of market timing and have focused upon one in particular but have also branched out to assess a select few others as to better understand the cadence I can trade best to.

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