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Bluefin and the Patient Fisherman Community

Dan at Patientfisherman has updated his Bluefin offerings and added more fuctinality. Bluefin is an excellent tool for working people. 
StockBee Scans and Watch Lists
Pradeep Bonde from StockBee has made all of StockBee scans and watch lists available in Bluefin. We have implemented the StockBee Trend Intensity in our system so all stocks can be sorted and filtered based on the StockBee Trend Intensity Criteria.
We use a monthly sector ranking formula to find out the top 20 sectors and also Sectors on the Move.
We partnered up with Pradeep Bonde over at Stockbee to design an ETF strategy that will get you in the best performing ETFs as they start their move while also offering additional entry points on the way up. See our ETF Strategy post for more details.

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