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Why sausage making process is important

I am often asked by readers of this blog who are not members as to what happens on members site. Here is a post I made today on members site, which should give you idea as to what happens.

Reproduced from the members site......

Why sausage making process is important

One of the things this site does is it shows you the sausage making process along with the final product. Most newsletter and trading sites do not do that. They give you final pick or decision and you never get to see how that person scanned for it or arrived at that decision.
If you go to say Dan Zanger site what you get is final 3-5 stocks which he highlights as possible buy with entry targets. You do not get to see how he arrives at them step by step. The sausage making process to a large extent is opaque. Same way if you go to Harry Boxers site you get some stock as buys or sells but do not necessarily get to see the process used to arrive at those decisions. This is true of most other sites. On the other hand there are some sites which tell you a bit about the process but the actual trades are hidden.
Unlike those approaches on Stockbee Members site the sausage making process is the key emphasis. You know what tools and scans are used. After that how step wise the sausage happens. The objective of that approach is to transfer process knowledge. If you understand the process and can replicate it then you can get similar stocks. All stages of that process from entry, exit, risk, screw ups , wrong decisions, hasty decisions, right decisions are transparent to you.
If you want to be profitable trader then you must spend time understanding those processes than actual trade alerts. This is as much true for my trade alerts as is true for Tumblers or others trading alerts.
You should focus your questions on the sausage making process more. For example you want to know in significant detail what process Tumbler follows to identify his trades before market, during trading hours, after hours and so on. You want to know the process involved in entry, exit, per trade risk and so on. Then sit down and write a process document and study it. then you can develop your own process.
What happens sometimes is traders get focused too much on specific trade alert or trade. That in my opinion is waste of effort. The process is key....

and here are the comments on the post by members...

@easyguru that is so true about many of the real popular subscription services. I always used to wonder how these people were able to look at 6000 or so charts and come up with 4 or 5 stocks as their picks and make it seem so easy till I joined this site and started learning about process and setups. I am a beginner and I sure have a long way to go but I feel that I am learning as each day goes along

even if you followed the trade alerts exactly, you will not be able to match the returns.

gone thru my stuff w/many via email and will do it anytime...but sometimes i give them a nut...i give them a bolt..i give them a wrench...they want a screwdriver...

Good post Guru. For some knowing the process spoils the mystique of the pick, ie. the wizard of oz effect.

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