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Do you have a burning desire to be a profitable trader?

The membership area is for you if you have burning desire to be a profitable trader. It is for those who understand learning to trade requires extra ordinary effort and persistence. It is for those who are committed and willing to work hard to develop lifetime trading skills that will help them build long term financial future.

It is not for the lazy investors just looking for stock picks or those looking for quick fix solutions.

You will learn how to analyse market direction, how to develop methods to find trades, how to develop swing trading method, how to develop entry, exit, stop, risk rules, how to develop method to invest in your 401K. You will learn in real time how traders go about trading the market. You will get in depth understanding about key market concepts that can help you build your own trading skills and method.

Every member has come through word of mouth or referral from existing members or recommendations from other trading blogs.


sfducati said...

What would be the proficiency level required to get the most out of the membership?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Basic understanding of markets is required.

CN said...

Pradeep, is the use of telechart required/highly recommended for your membership? I use Thinkorswim myself.

Pradeep Bonde said...

All scans are done using Telechart but once you understand the logic they can be replicated in any other software. Some members use Thinkorswim.