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A 10% plus correction would be good

  • The market has not had 10% or more correction for months.
  • If this develops in to a proper multi week/multi month correction it would be good.
  • Correction seperates strong multi month leaders from speculative stocks.
  • With a 4th down days in last 6 to 7 days, this looks like a correction.
  • But so far betting on correction in this market has not worked.
  • Most corrections have been minor and the buy the dip strategy has worked.
  • The "International Leaders" seems to be the first to break. 
  • That ties in very well with the IBD starting a new page about them.

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Daddy Paul said...

I think we will get a 10% correction and the market will go on it's merry way back to the 2007 highs.