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Dear Pradeep (Guru) -

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything.

I been a member since  since Aug/Sept of this year. Your site has been a great find. I was never a regular trader (trades I make in a week now is more than what I traded in the last 10 years). It has given me hope of a potential new career. In just a few months, I have made very decent gains (much more than than the past decade of being a passive investor)  from your teachings and your teaching alone. The learing curve is pretty steep if one follows your teachings/articles and can potentially shave several years of learning the hard way. I have a finance/business background and like numbers/stats so I keep experimenting but have your core teachings in mind always and foundational.

It is very early days, but I am sure if I keep up the pace I will do myself a favor financially. I have been a night/late morning  person all my life. After joining your site and actively trading, I have without fail got up around 5.30 am everyday (I am in California) and sometimes without an alarm and just simply LOVE  this second job of mine (I am employed full-time, so this California time works wonderful at the moment till someday my results justify that I do full time trading)

Your unselfish attitude in teaching all you have learnt yourself over the last several years is just invaluable and very rare to see. You just give more than 100% in all that you do and focus on providing extreme value to end users.

Currently, I am thinking about software/tools that can help in making a few auto trades everyday based on the price / volume / time of the day etc attributes. I think there is a possible play here (in addition to the primary manual methods). You did comment on your thoughts on tools in the blog one day but I haven't made efforts to research/experiment futher. I intend to do this soon. Also want to get a good handle on Market Breadth. Hopefully 2010 will take me to the next orbit.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful new year.


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