Market Monitor
Market monitor is market breadth
based market timing tool

Current Readings
Cautiously bullish.
Large cap is what market is focused on.
Number of EP have dropped in recent days.
Junk is no more in demand.

Type IndicatorValue Comments

Daily# of stocks up >4% on high volume983 stocks with 100 million plus dollar volume.(M$V)

Daily# of stocks down>4% on high volume 167
9 stocks with 100 million plus M$V

Primary# of stocks up >25% in a quarter981
Primary# of stocks down>25% in a quarter563
Secondary # of stocks up> 50% in a month4
Secondary # of stocks down>50% in a month3
Secondary # of stocks up>25% in a month44
Secondary # of stocks down>25% in a month95
# of stocks up>13% in 34 days1220
# of stocks down>13% in 34 days1209
MMA+% of stocks in confirmed uptrend34
MMA-% of stocks in confirmed downtrend 36
10 day
#of stocks up> 4% in last 10 days/
#of stocks down>4% in last 10 days