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Questions checklist for morning trading plan

What is your trading plan for today morning
What is your plan if your view is bullish
What is your plan if your view is bearish
What "method" is driving your bullishness or bearishness
What is your pre market trading plan
Which method would you focus on in pre market
If you identify a good EP in pre market how will you enter it
Have you looked at last nights earnings
What are the 2-3 best opportunities you must watch at open from that list
Have you thought of where you would put stop, how much you will risk on them
What will you do if after entry it does not act as expected
What is your plan for managing :each" of your position
What is driving that decision
What psychological tendencies do I need to watch for.
How can I correct them for next few hours
Am I really ready for trading today.
Have I done systemic analysis of last night opportunities
Did I research opportunities/method
If I am going to use EP in the morning everyday am I organised for it
/is there a set routine for it
Is my broker/software set up for it
Do I really understand what is involved in trading EP

Psychological tendencies change when you ask questions specific to task at hand or specific to time frame you are operating on. Sometime you have to confront certain tendencies . Unless that happens change does not happen.


Sean said...

I assume question 2 & 3 are meant to be different? I.e. one bullish the other bearish?

Pradeep Bonde said...

yes that is a mistake