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How to trade runaway moves

This is a momentum traders dream market. Market has rocketed 30% plus in just two months. Several stocks are exhibiting runaway characters in this market. They are having series of upside breakouts and going on to make 50 to 100% moves in a matter of weeks. 

The best method  for trading such markets is the Mark Boucher method. One of the things which Boucher emphasises in his book The Hedge Fund Edge is trading in runaway markets. The idea is to identify stocks with runaway characteristics based on earnings, momentum, chart patterns and enter in them. Such markets often continue moving much longer than you originally thought. Getting into these markets and then staying positioned in strong trends until you get stopped out is the essence of his strategy.

Boucher methodology tries to find such stocks during their initial moves.He offers a detailed step by step methodology for this using earnings and momentum. At the crux of it is looking at characteristics of the first one third of a move and based on that predict the next 2/3 rd move. He has found stocks exhibiting certain kinds of volume and momentum patterns in first 21 days of their move have very high probability of making the meteoric move. The book offers complete trading system with risk management, entry and exit strategies for this.

Now if you are TC2000 user your task is simple. Go to Yahoo Telechart200 users group (the old one) and look at messages 4502-4510. You will find complete set of scans for trading Mark Boucher system. Those series of scans can help you put it together very easily. You should also find a file explaining the system once you sign up with the group.

Run a search in the group with "tbblbg" as search term. "tbblbg" is the short form for Mark Boucher system and it stands for thrust breakout, breakout lap, and breakaway gap.

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