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Use these breakout scans if you want to make money

The breakout scans I use to make money. I run them from market open onwards.

4% bullish Breakout

c/c1>=1.04 and v>v1 and v>=100000

$ bullish breakout

c-o>=.90 and v>100000

Bullish Low threshold b/o

minv3.1>=100000 and c>=3 and avgc7/avgc65>=1.05
and c>o and c>c1 and c/c1>c1/c2 and c1/c2<1.02

4% bearish Breakout

c/c1<=.96 and v>v1 and v>=100000  

$ bearish breakout

o-c>=.90  and v>=100000 and minv3.1>=100000

Bearish Low threshold b/o

c1/c2>=.98 and c/c1<c1/c2 and c<c1  AND C<O and minv3.1>=300000 and c>19 and avgc7/avgc65<.95

Breakouts is one of the type of setup I use. Anticipation and first 30 minutes explosion are other setups I use.

Together these scans work for me and in first six month of 2018 made me 56% returns. There is nothing special about these scans , it is the execution and day to day process of using them that requires persistence. 


Ron said...

Hi Pradeep
How would these scans be coded using thinkorswim or finviz?

Mac said...

Hi Pradeep,

could you please convert into plain english the codes of: c - c1 - c2, v - v1, minv3.1, avgc7 and avgc65 for us trying to replicate your scans in other environments? I believe the first five are quite intuitive, but wrong anticipation is worse than a bad question.:)

Many thanks,