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Night Time is Right Time to find big winners

News catalyst can often trigger big moves. Earnings is the number one stock mover. Earnings are released after hours and pre market.

A massive earnings surprise on a stock with multi month base can lead to big rallies lasting weeks or months.
Focusing on "massive Earnings acceleration " will help you find 5 to 20 big ideas in a year that can make 50% to 1000% move.
In order to find such massive acceleration you need a structured approach to track after hours earnings news.
It should be efficient process which should only take 15 minutes...

How many of you would want to spend daily 15 minutes to find potential 50% to 100% move????

In order to do this successfully you need very streamlined process. If you just tracked these handful of links you should be able to find big winners periodically.
  1. Zacks Earnings :
  2. Seeking alpha earnings news
  3. Earnings whisper calendar
  4. Earnings Whisper email summary : you need to sign up for this . it is free
  5. WSJ post market winners
A blowout earnings stock will not be missed if you do this daily.
Besides earnings news other news can also move stocks , but earnings will give you most bang for bucks for your 15 minutes.

Stocks to watch based on last night earnings reaction:


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