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Do what Mikaela Shiffrin does to improve your trading

Use practical psychology tools to enhance your trading. There is lot of discussion on trading psychology without practical tools you can use yourself to enhance your trading performance. One of the most powerful tool is visualization or simulated practice.

Mikaela Shiffrin Gold Medalist was asked how she practices :

What’s your training regimen like now? 

I still need a lot of training to work on my technique. I’m racing with girls who have 10 years mileage on me, so I have to take every chance to train. I’m on snow for five hours a day on average. That includes putting my boots on, lift rides, recovery after each runs. But I do try to take as many runs as I’m strong enough to take. Sometimes it’s 15 runs on a full-length course. A lot of my day revolves around visualization. You can pretty much simulate training if you do well enough. Your brain can’t tell between skiing and visualization. You can get double or triple the amount of training.

If you see athletes during game play or during performance, they use continuous visualization. They simulate their play in mind and in between shots mentally rehearse it.

You can use same technique in your trading. Visualise what would be your ideal trade. How would you enter. Where would you put stop. Where would you exit. Make that a habit . Do it several times in a day.

Simulated practice helps you build automaticity and helps with discipline. But for that you have to do it many times. It does not need to be elaborate exercise, but repetition is the key.

This is a practical way to improve your trading psychology everyday.

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Mag said...

Brilliant! Do you think the hedge fund whales employ the same practice?