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Big moves or small moves

As a trader you have a choice between capturing several hundred small moves or capturing few big moves. 

Capturing few big moves requires more skills. If you are going to be doing only 20 trades then you need to select very carefully the stock. 

As you can see below in one of the methods we trade there were only 16 trades, but the average per trade profit was very  high.

For Working People this kind of a approach is more suitable as they can not actively manage swing trades in most cases.

But to do few trades in a year and to keep losses very small and get 10/1 kind risk reward requires higher level of skills than trying to capture several small moves.

To learn to do the 10/1 kind of trades requires you to build a skill for identifying big trends near low risk entry points.

A motivated working person can build a skill like this provided he or she is willing to dedicate six month to 12 months for this kind of approach. 2 or 3 trades in this kind of approach can make your quarter or a year. 

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