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Stocks down 25% plus in a month Part1

Couple of weeks ago very few stocks were down more than 25% in a month. On October14th, 2010 only 4 stocks were down 25% plus in a month (in the Worden Database I track). As of yesterday 39 stocks were down 25% plus in a month.

A couple of days of selling has accelerated the down moves in some of these stocks. Many of the stocks in the list were in down trend but the overall buying pressure in the market resulted in them going sideways or rallying during bullish breadth phase. Some stocks had a rally and then they broke down.

If you monitor this data over a long period of time you will learn a lot about what kind of stocks make big down moves, what kind of catalyst leads to big down moves, what kind of patterns work on bearish side.

Here are the 38 stocks with sector rank, eps, sales and float information. :

% change
% change
AMAG   6137%459%21.02M
NUVA   9664%27%39.32M
DF   197-61%11%177.66M
WL   121-2237%10%89.01M
REV   111-52%-2%11.78M
AKT   no data
CSFL   190-47%35%26.92M
RINO   115-60%-17%9.08M
GRNB   190-371%-13%10.71M
ARCL   195-11%46%22.27M
THOR   9652%40%58.18M
CTIB   14814%8%1.62M
DVOX   96-200%-11%9.29M
AGYS   141-183%18%22.29M
ATNI   63-47%210%9.57M
TGB   3200%-6%182.44M
UIS   40-61%-13%42.40M
CCUR   2-17%22%7.42M
AMLN   61-63%-20%143.55M
NR   23900%52%89.39M
OCLR   36600%43%49.17M
SPMD   72180%-43%15.34M
ECHO   104100%62%12.84M
SRDX   96-131%-19%15.84M
SVNT   61-287%200%6.70M
MILL   43100%881%22.04M
SIMO   37433%47%27.05M
WCN   11521%9%72.29M
MEG   191-340%3%21.43M
ALKS   61-200%2%93.38M
LGL   59305%69%1.21M
JNY   12417%19%85.85M
MI   19259%0%522.36M
IDSA   115-24%-4%4.13M
NCI   163-20%-1%48.38M
ANW   45-52%82%27.10M
MBLX   9110%-92%24.77M
MELA   12323%0%24.10M

In part 2 you can see the charts for the same.

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