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21 buy ideas

These are some of the buy ideas which showed up in our scans yesterday. Many were discussed intraday on members site. Two of them ATSG and SMTX are my existing open positions. Currently market has been volatile and chances of whipsaws are high. But below the surface there have been some nice breakouts on some small caps.

Many of these offered better entries intraday yesterday.

ATSG,Air Transport Services
AWI,Armstrong World Industries Inc
BBD,Banco Bradesco Sa
CCME,China MediaExpress Holdings Inc
CCUR,Concurrent Computer Corp
DWA,Dreamworks Animation Skg
EXAR,Exar Corp
FSIN,Fushi Copperweld` Inc.
GKK,Gramercy Capital Corp
HSTM,Healthstream Inc
JAZZ,Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc
KNDI,Kandi Tech Corp
LRAD,Lrad Corporation
PPO,Polypore International Inc.
RURL,Rural/metro Corp
SGY,Stone Energy Corp
SMTX,Smtc Corporation
TCM,Tongjitang Chinese Medicine Company
TGA,Transglobe Energy Corp
TRIT,Tri-Tech Holdings Inc
ZSTN,ZST Digital Networks Incorporated

Some recent members feedback comments:

I have been trading for many many years with great success. Just like their are bands out there that exist that are affectionately referred to as "band's bands" because they are so respected by their peers; this site falls under that same category. Sites like this one and like the Kirk Report are at an entirely different level and force you to become better traders. What attracts me to sites like this one is that the methodology is dissected, broken down, and constantly explored. It is not the picks but the journey itself and as someone who loves trying to improve the "procedural memory" and "process loop" all of the time I want to tip my hand to easyguru, sky, dc, tumbler, and others make this site what it is. A hearty clap on the back and here here. -smcgre

Guru Outstanding effort on trend intensity breakouts. I have been runnning a 65 day or 13 week roc on IBD stocks weekly for years to rank the strongest over the last quarrter and it works. Trend intensity is better especially the 105 or better rank requirement. I have now set the trend intensity scan up for all my IBD watchlist stocks and any that appear in stocks on the move. (sector leaders now are jks lnn inin pcln slw ebix bfr rvbd swir mos ntct tibx silc)-ckbergin

wow easyguru, awesome, thanks so much for the new trading guide, with screenshots and everything- enios

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