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How to use the Price and Sector Momentum 50 list to find short term trades

Watchlist: Top 50 Stocks with Price and Sector Momentum

This is published daily. It uses a composite of sector+price+nearness to recent high +liquidity  to rank 7000 stocks and selects 50 stocks. This list offers you high probability swing trading stocks.

Here is a recent trade example of RES. RES was in this list 4 days ago and had 30 day price growth below 10% on that day. So it was selected for watchlist. It was also in Top 25 stocks with high short interest and momentum list.


Another trade which triggered yesterday from this list was MBLX. MBLX had less than 10% price growth in last 30 days, so it was on watchlist. It triggered a breakout yesterday.

MBLX: Metabolix Inc.

If you want to find trades like this on regular basis you should look at the stock highlighted in green in 30D Grwth column.

As I have said earlier there are two pieces to the short term trading puzzle: one is equity selection and second is timing that equity. The lists give you selected stocks with high probability of going up. But you need a timing strategy to enter and exit those.

If you spend time and effort understanding both part of this puzzle, you can find short term trading opportunities on regular basis. On the Members Site we have spent considerable time exploring various ways to select equities and time entries and exits. Such narrowly focused trading element by element analysis can help you deconstruct a trading method and master individual part of the puzzle. Many members have developed their own trading style using these building blocks.

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Greg Farber said...

dear pradeep - is there a typo? this blog post says to note the stocks that have appreciated less than 10% over the last 10 (ten) days. and the linked spreadsheet has a column which looks back at the last 30 (thirty) days.

did you mean to say 10% in ten days or thirty days?

if ten days, maybe i should create a copy of this googledoc with a column that measures appreciation over the last 10 days?

thank you for your comments & this great blog. thanks also to you and patientfisherman for sharing your work.

Pradeep Bonde said...

That is a typo it should be 30 days. I fixed that in original post.