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401K investing focus

    On the members site this week we are focusing on the 401K investment approaches...

    • To understand various options available for investing in 401K
    • To understand the choices of:
      • Lifestyle funds
      • Index funds
      • Lazy Portfolio
      • CANSLIM mutual fund investing approach
      • Mutual fund newsletters aaproach
      • Momentum based approach
    • To determine your own personal objectives:
      • What is your overall objective
      • What stage in lifecycle are you
      • What is your skills level
      • What is your motivation to update your skills
      • What returns are you looking for
    • To develop a approach plan for investment
      • Basic logic and soundness behind your plan
      • Number of funds to own
      • How to select funds 
      • What is market timing
      • How to marry market timing+mutual fund selection method
      • How to monitor mutual fund portfolio on ongoing basis
      • When to exit at profit
    • Operational issues involved in making your plan work
      • Minimum holding periods for funds
      • Cost of switching
      • New contributions v/s historical pool of money
      • Tools for finding mutual fund data
      • How to setup a spreadsheet to track your funds

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