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TSTC up 12%

TSTC : Telestone Technologies Corporation

As expected TSTC had a high volume breakout in the morning and is up 12% for the day. The Chinese small caps has been acting very well in recent weeks and if you were positioned in them, it was very profitable.

Chinese stock up big on high volume today are:
  • cagc
  • tpi
  • tstc
  • caas
  • watg
  • hpj
  • cga
  • visn
  • asia
  • ej
  • sorl
  • fmcn
  • jaso
  • lft
  • cvvt


badar_basim said...


can you make a trade review of seed?


Pradeep Bonde said...

I did not take SEED trade.

badar_basim said...

well i thought it looked a lot like your NLST trade 11/18 to 11/20. for SEED starting 11/27.