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Member Feedback

It is always nice to receive feedback from the long term members.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I have been a member of your site since 2007 and in last two and half years I have learned to trade successfully after adopting your methods. This year has been the best year so far in my 5 year trading quest. I have made more money trading this year than I made in my full time job. Now my wife has also got interested in trading , that is some miracle as she used to complain about the time I was was spending on your site.

Your recent Episodic Pivots bootcamp was very good in reinforcing the concepts and giving hands on practice. I have adopted your method and developed my own scans and entry, exit,stops, and risk rules. I have organised my information sources to quickly get the information I am looking for. It has taken me months to perfect this but now I find most of the trades you and other traders find.

I have also had lot of success with your Modified Double Trouble method. I have done my own minor changes to your steps and now have list of breakouts to anticipate everyday. Because I work full time, I have developed a method to put anticipated orders based on b/o entry triggers. I use that to create conditional orders. This has been key to my consistently becoming profitable. As you keep saying "prethink everything", by doing this I know which of the breakouts are good based on fractal efficiency, trend persistence, number of 4% breakouts, sector, and earnings.

One of the best things about your site is the comment feature. The comment section has so much information. I have learned a lot from the discussion between other traders. While I am not a active participant in the comment section due to restrictions at our work place, I religiously read every comment in the night. There is so much to learn from them. There are so many knowledgeable traders who share their experience.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to running your site. I am amazed at the constant improvements you have done since 2007. I eagerly look forward to your 2010 plans and boot camps. Without doubt the idea of the boot camp is the best thing you did this year. It had done wonders to my EP trading skills.

Once again thanks and happy holidays.


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