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Superperformance Stocks by Richard Love

Superperformance Stocks: An Investment Strategy for Individual Investors based on 4 year political cycle by Richard Love

As the subtitle of the book indicates part of the book is based on the 4 year Political cycle. The author's contention is that because there is a Presidential election every four years, the economy is managed in such a way that two years prior to election there is a boom and most of the problem in economy surface after election.

The other point of the book is, the best opportunity to make money in the market is after a bear market. We are in one currently and at some stage a new bull market will start. This book offers valuable guidelines on how to look for stocks likely to make big moves in new bull markets. This book is out of print.

Some of the key highlight from the book are:
  • First consideration in buying stock is safety.
  • Safety is derived more from the good timing of purchase and less from the financial strength of the company.
  • The biggest stocks and growth stocks also decline during bear market. Even income stocks (stocks with high dividends) decline during bear market or periods of high inflation
  • Most stocks are price cyclical
  • Buying stocks as the market rebounds from bear market lows. It is the safest time and it offers the best opportunity for large capital gains.
  • The best time to buy most stocks is when market looks like a disaster. It is then that the risk is lowest and potential rewards are highest
  • Buy for large capital gains
  • I believe that the investor should look for stocks that are capable of tripling in value within two years. Since it is unlikely that the investor will buy the stock at lowest price and sell it at highest, it is more likely that he will double his investment rather than triple it.
  • Stocks should not be purchased unless there is a good chance of a big move.
  • Superperformance= SPF (as short form)
  • The selection of common stock for large capital gains depends primarily on a search- a search for super-performance (SPF)
  • I define SPF stock as one that tripled in last two years.
  • Rate of price increase >300 in two years
  • Move was considered ended if price failed to make a new high in last six months
  • Or a if there was a price correction of more than 25%
  • Super-performance has occurred in well known growth stocks and it has happened in well known mature companies at some stage in their growth.
  • It is triggered by many actions such as earnings, mergers , but most often it is found in stocks that are rebounding from oversold conditions, such as those characteristics of bear market bottoms. more

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