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Large caps are in the play

Market Monitor: Bearish

  • We are at a stage where a reflex rally is distinct possibility.
  • On the MM four things indicate this: # of stocks up 50% plus, # of stocks down 50% plus, number of stocks up 100% plus , and 500 plus up days on 4% in last three days.
  • The spread between the 4% plus breakouts is around 500 and if market puts together a one week rally, we might be in green in a weeks time.
  • However on individual stocks the breakouts are concentrated in large cap stocks. Number of DJ components had EP in last 2-3 days and most have followed through on them.
  • The IBD kind of stocks and small caps stocks which make the explosive moves are not yet in the play. more

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bill said...


do you use options for your play or you are mostly buying and selling stocks.

I have boutght some options based on 1500% movers selection criterio. will update on the result.