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IBD 200 and other scans

Posted on 3/28/2008
For those looking for easier solution to generating the IBD 200 list and to run scans on D database, IBD offers Custom Screen Wizard. Using that you can create a daily scan for IBD 200. You can also expand the universe to 300 stocks instead of 200.

IBD 300 and volume surge scan
If you are subscriber to IBD Custom Screen Wizard you can run this scan daily and intraday to find opportunities. It will give you only 15 to 20 stocks to look at daily. Plus it being dynamic as against weekly frequency of IBD 200, it will give you faster access to changes in list. By making value on Composite rating to 94 instead of 96 you get 300 stocks approximately as against 200. The volume surge value you can make 50, if you like.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rating Greater than or equal to: 60
SmartSelect® Composite Rating Greater than or equal to: 94
Current 50-Day Average Volume(1000) Greater than or equal to: 50
% Increase in Volume (Current Day) vs. 50-Day Average Volume Greater than or equal to: 100

In addition to this scan you can create following scans to find opportunities in the market using the Custom Screen Wizard
Fund Ownership up 50%
Extreme Growth Screen
Top 100 Group Breakout Screen
Bull Market Top Opportunities Screen
70/50 Screen
The top opportunities screen
Sales Acceleration Screen
Earnings Acceleration Screen
Possible Additions to IBD 100 Screen


Mike said...

can you give me a link to IBD custom screen wizard or where to signup, I can't seem to find it.

Pradeep Bonde said...