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Cantillon Effect

Bill Rempel has a very insightful post on inflation. It immediately reminded me of my post grad days, where we had to read Richard Cantillon's essays as part of economics course. Our Economics professor also dabbled in speculation and he at that time, many years ago , gave exactly the same message as Bill does.

I don’t believe that we can stop this worldwide inflation problem, and most likely our only chance to even slow it is to elect a few hundred Ron Pauls all over the world. Since this blog is “trading, investing, politics, whatever,” I want to give you the key to trading around this thing.

Find the bubbles as early as possible.

Buy them.

The trend is your friend, ’til the end, when it bends.

This is most likely your single best hope to have your personal wealth growth exceed, by a wide margin, the increase in your cost of living over time.

We were too young and green and probably too idealist to understand the importance of that message at that time.

Read the full post. Great stuff. Very sound advise.


Bill aka NO DooDahs! said...

Thanks for the linkback!

And thanks for adding the link to Mises on Cantillon, I should have thought of that, but I was tired and hurried when posting yesterday.

F-Trader said...

Agree. The money relation changes on central bank easing. Then it becomes a beauty pageant where the most current tastes get the money flow.