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The art of chart reading!!!

Don't forget to " Burn your charts"


Hector Rivera said...

Dont even think about burning my charts, you can burn yours if you want too.Sticking with my DailyGraphs/ Barchart/ VectorVest system which combines fundamentals with technicals entries and my relative strenght. One of the best strategies you can have is EP combined with a oversold 14 day Stochastics, but unless you 'chart read' you wont see it

Jack said...


Wow, U took a beating in the Trading Goddess blog with that post!

I don't think some of the readers got the connection between what makes a stock run...IE. Earnings Growth, Gudiance, etc.. which causes the technicals profitable chart patterns to occur. IMO


Pradeep Bonde said...

That is why I called it a cult.

Andy said...

For some, it seems "cause and effect" is just too difficulot a concept to grasp.