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The Kirkreport and Trader Mike effect

What happens when a below radar blog gets a mention on The Kirkreport and Trader Mike blog. It is like Digg effect. The top dogs in blogging really control the agenda. They have same influence as mass media.

In two days in which they linked here 189 email enquiries were generated. The largest number of non spam emails I ever got in my life. After that there have been steady stream of 15 to 20 emails everyday.


Art said...

Sounds like congratulations are in store Paradeep. Someone who has a worthwhile message deserves attention.

Pradeep Bonde said...


Steven said...

Hey I linked to you too...and did a review...guess my 2.5 readers don't generate enough traffic to be consider "big dog"...LOL

yeah getting a link from Mike really pushes up the traffic. I would say link form him or James Altucher's Blogwatch is worth about 200-400 extra visits a day for a couple of days.

walter said...

the majority of traffic to my blog is referred by stockbee!


walter said...

pradeep, i was thinking... if you were to map out your various methods/systems - which decision points or components are systematized or automated such that you have output that is not resulting from human interpretation (e.g., barring consideration of the variables, your scans produce output). and then which decision points are primarily handled by human interpretation and subjectivity, if any?

is the goal of any efficient system to eliminate subjectivity or reliance on non-quantitative or repeatable measures?

then if you consider all the subjective decisions, what are the similarities and differences among them?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Only things where I am risking 5 to 10% that is the Episodic system and Virgin system involves some discretion. In this case the signal is automated but trade selection out of the candidates generated is based on further research.

Rest like 100% and IBD 200 I trade mechanically taking bottom 2 stocks with signal from the list based on 65 day price growth and how far they are from recent high.

When I put 10% at risk on single position, it is rare and well researched idea plus the 10% goes in as pyramid position.
In few months lot of episodic factors will be automated as I am putting down specifics for them for system development.
Discretion is involved in deciding which account will use which system. Some accounts I trade are aggressive some conservative. Accordingly some systems are not used in certain accounts.