TSLA a news pivot breakout

 News can lead to big breakouts, and often big breakouts start with some surprisingly good or bad news. TSLA is a good example of that yesterday. A big analyst upgrade by Morgan Stanley in pre-market acted as a catalyst for this move.

It also helped that TSLA had good consolidation when this news came in. The breakout was on significant volume, with over 174 million shares traded, and it was one of the highest volume days in months.

Tracking news can help you find big winners if you develop a systematic process to identify such opportunities in pre-market. A daily focus on news can help you find good trades. 

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skeeter said...

That is an interesting opportunity in a depressing market trend. I am studying your ways Pradeep. What is a good resource for relevant news? I could imagine that would make for a good setup in the pre-market and as long as you watch for follow through at the open.