2021 Bootcamps


Euro Bootcamp (This is most popular and recommended)

Rated as best bootcamp so far by members who have attended multiple bootcamps 


Hello fellow members,

I have just gone through the EURO Bootcamp and I'm very impressed.

Euro Bootcamp Review: I'll keep this short and concise, the best trader education I have come across.

April Bootcamp 

Same topics as Euro bootcamp but with more emphasis on tactics.


Are the bootcamps very different?

I attended both. There were nuances of learning that were new to me in the second one, so I would recommend getting both. I believe I can get a quick ROI on my investment in these bootcamps as I make the time to review and peruse them, and as I improve my daily practice from knowledge gleaned from them



Unknown said...

Hey Pradeep what is the price for members for the bundle? And how would I pay? Thanks!

Pradeep Bonde said...

For members is 500. you pay by using the link

Stilo said...

Hey Pradeep, what if I want to buy the bootcamp bundle and subscribe for membership to stockbee? What' will the total package be?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Membership is 389 for a year. Once member bootcamp package price drops to 500

Chad said...

It would help to have simple criteria that explain which one to get. "If you want _____, get Bootcamp A. If you want _____, get Bootcamp B." The current explanation, that one contains more tactics, doesn't help much with decision-making.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Euro is the recommended one.