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Made my day.

Hi Guru ji,


This is my 3rd or may be 4th attempt to compose this email. (Each time a different reason causes me to delete) some times, I delve into my trading journey too deep and it seems like I'm writing a short story and other times I just go off the tangent start to touch upon so many things and end up losing the track... This email is to show my gratitude towards guru ji.


I live in NY, run a construction business, after my father passed away in 2009, had to quit school I was majoring  in Civil Engineering at City University of New York. Took over his business, worked like a dog... lifting 105lbs roof rolls On the shoulder to 6flr walk up buildings with other workers ... hauling garbage down... in scorching 90+ heat. ... later created some partnerships and added various services and business started to do real well (Pre-COVID) 

 ( Guru ji, I was in your first leadership class, could relate to a lot what you mentioned)

I’m going off the tangent... Now.


I was first introduced to trading when I was in high school. Fast forwarding to 2009... 

Guru ji, I remember first subscribing to your blog in 2011/12, in those days you would send out automatic email of stock with entry price. During construction work, I would constantly refresh my email to get the symbol and would try to enter in trade right away. My $10k account reached $22k.

At night I would watch your videos, also downloaded them... thinking what if you go offline, or decide not to share... I truly treasured them... Because of my line of work and timing couldn’t do stock trading... but this was something I was extremely passionate about, and wanted to do something that I could do in off hours, I had 2 options, FUTURES or FOREX.

I left stock trading, with only 2 concepts: “EPISODIC PIVOT” and “ MOMENTUM”


After sometime, watching futures and forex markets, I decided to go with Forex...(skipping details here) and chose one pair EUR/USD

4 years, guru ji, it took me to navigate through forex jungle... and I tamed the beast and gradually became profitable over those 4 years. And then there came a point where Forex Trading turned into another source of income. (Tough 4 years)


Construction is a tough business, competition, NYC DOB, insurances, lawsuits ... I always wanted to have something as a backup, my construction business proceeds coupled with Forex income, I started to invest in Real Estate. Paid off my mortgage, my student loan and became  debt free. I read sometime ago, in an out of print book that dates back to 1800s: “Value of money is created through movement” this phrase stuck with me, somehow. Before COVID, I liquidated my real estate assets.


Guru ji, I re-discovered you when I was going through a very old google doc, where some notes were attributed to you. Joined you again I think, Sep/Oct 2020 ... at this point I didn’t have stock trading account, was  still trading Forex, ... I would closely listen to your calls, take notes, review and watch recorded videos again...

Funny thing happened, in one month, my Forex account doubled... your “process oriented” approach started to have an effect on my Forex trading... I said to myself, if I won’t trade stocks now then it would be nothing but injustice to myself. Funded the account with $100k... took it up to $150k... back to 100k... added additional funds & some trading gains led the account to be at $250k.(please see attached pic of 2 months progress from there)


Guru Ji, I don’t have TC software, I don’t have multiple monitors or trade from office/desktop. 


I only have access to your blog and only this device that I use for trading:

LG tablet, (T mobile gave it free with connection)


I watch and place orders while at work and driving(ouch...I know) but I’m used to it because of Forex.


Currently, I and my family is recovering from COVID, I also registered for last bootcamp (my 2nd) was listening to you even when I was sick.


I started to think about writing this email, after your post about traders who were successful/consistent .. then I started to think do I fit, ... I certainly, didn’t think of myself being part of those accomplished and knowledgeable traders, so, I didn’t.


COVID has given me enough time to ponder...


May be this is something that I can do full time.


Guru ji, thank you

you are a gem of person.


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