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Hi Pradeep,

I am a member of your website and just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in helping us out. I was out of the market for 2 years before coming back in right after the drop. I took the webinar in April 2020 and got a lot of clarification and understanding of what it takes to become successful in the stock market. I have been involved in the market since 2011 but never achieved consistent success and kept on jumping from one setup to another and sometimes going into the market without even any kind of plan or preparation. AfterI took your webinar, I spent the next 2 weeks going over the video archives and finding all the videos that I thought applied to my situation. Some of the key videos that made a huge difference to the way I approached markets were:

  1. Organize yourself to make money- I had a lot of crap on my TC2000 screens. I got rid of everything, removed all symbols, removed all the various pcfs that I had created and started from scratch. This video really helped me out in understanding the importance of becoming organized.
  2. Develop a daily routine- Prior to this, I had never had a process laid out for trading. But after watching this video, I decided to write everything down to come up with a process that will work for me. I have since kept on refining the process as I find something that doesn't work for me but I know what I need to do every morning, afternoon and evening.
  3. How to profit from 3LYNCH- This is the backbone of my trading now. Once I understood this, I have never looked back as this has helped me in keeping my losses under control. Now, I know that if I get stopped out, the next trade is right around the corner. I did my own deep dive back in April and May to understand what kind of stocks move up and I came up with a pretty similar analysis where all the things you have laid out in the 2LYNCH formula are so important.
  4. Mind clarity videos- All your mind clarity videos are eye opening and keep on putting the correct message in my mind that we need to have clarity in regards to the whole process and understand what steps we are going to take in different situations when in the market.

Thanks to you and Stockbee for helping me get consistent success in the stock market. Very honestly, without your assistance, it could have been a very long road to success. Although my returns at 60% since April 2020 are not as high as where I would like them to be, the way those returns have been achieved is where I have confidence that I can be consistently successful over the long run while keeping the drawdowns in control. My equity curve has grown over this period without much of a drawdown as seen below in the chart. All of this credit solely goes to you only and thanks a tonne for everything.

One other thing to note is that I work full time and just recently watched your video How to become a millionaire and would like to get your input on how I can develop leadership skills in the workplace. If you could guide me to some good sources/webinars, then I can go from there. If you can do a separate zoom meeting on this topic if there are other people interested in it as well, I would be very grateful.

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