Relative importance and function of my setups

 There are many ways to make money in the stock market . But not all setups are equally important. Some setups find big moves. Some setups are good for swing trading. Some setups are good for day trading . Some setups have very low risk  giving you almost free money. 

Here is categorisation of my setups in 3 boxes. 

Life changing setups find stocks that can make big moves. For example FSLY 

These setups have very small stops , often less than 2.5%   or less stops and a time stop and as a result can quickly give good returns if they work. 


Unknown said...

Re: 9 million setup; Would you suggest to enter immediately or wait for a pullback? What is low risk entry criteria, as the price usually gapped up high? The NTRT/MTRT setup: are you referring to the timing of when the scan should be run? or is there something else to it?

In addition, some stocks, that have average volume greater 9 million (and have a large float), showed up in the scanned list. Would you eliminate these high avg vol and high large float? Appreciate your comment.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I do not wait for pullback. Buy immediately. The low risk in 9 million happens if you do NTRT mtrt as that would get you at opening price before it hits 9 million scan

NTRT MTRT refers to night time is right time or morning time is right time. It is a complete process to find stocks with big catalyst .

The stocks with high volume can be traded as swings