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How to find low risk intraday opportunities

Once you understand swing trading on daily timeframe, you can use the same on lower time frames to make money. 

Nature of stock moves remain same on lower time frames also. One of my setups is anticipation using very narrow range bars. I tarde it as swing trade on all timeframes. 

When a stock with established momentum consolidates near high and especially in that consolidation when it has extremely narrow range bar of less than 11 cents or so , it can offer very high profit trade. 

COLL is an example of trade I did like that in last 15 minutes before close and effortlessly made 524 dollars in few minutes.  

COLL is a stock up a lot today (has momentum) . It was near its high for most of the day while most stocks were fading . That was why I had it on my last 15 minutes possible trade or fade list.


So I started watching it. It formed a very narrow 1 cent bar and that is when I decided if it breaks out of this I will buy it for trade. With that kind of narrow bar your risk is very low as you can put very tight stop.

It immediately broke and had a quick follow through before a little bit of fading that is when I sold it. Few minutes of trade for 524 dollars profit.

That can buy me half a bottle of very good quality 30 year whiskey.

This setup works on all timeframes and you can find thousands of setups like this in a year. So if you perfect this setup you will never settle for that cheap whiskey.

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