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How to find growth stocks using Marketsmith

Marketsmith is a scanning software offered by Investors Business Daily. It can be used to find growth stocks.
Growth stocks tend to make big moves during their aggressive growth phase. Identifying these stocks during such growth phase can help you find and trade many profitable moves.

EP 100/19

This scan is good for finding extremely fast  profit growing companies. For example a stock like SQ would show up on this scan last year during its fast move last year. 

EP Projected 50% EPS

Market is forward looking so this scan looks for stocks whose estimated growth is high for next quarter and next year.

EPS surprise 99% plus and growth 40% plus

Market rewards companies with big earnings surprise. PEADS post earnings announcement drift is well known stock tendency. This scan will help you find those stocks. 

Sales Growth 39% plus
Some companies are not yet profitable but growing sales rapidly. These are typically early stage growth companies.

Sales growth annual and quarter 39% plus

Both sales growth for quarter and year are above 39%.

IBD Cream
Classic growth stock screen to find stocks with good sales, eps, and margin.

IBD 29/29 EPS leaders Early Detection
Future leaders in earnings you want to find early. 

IBD 909090 (for busy people run only this scan)
High quality growth stocks with momentum currently favored by market. 

Mark Minervini Code 33
Based on his book

IBD funds increase
Stocks being aggressively bought by funds in last six month

IBD funds Decrease
Stocks being dumped by funds aggressively

IPO 8 years Profitable
Young companies with growth can be big movers . This finds stocks that IPOed in last 8 years and are profitable 



Three Year growth Stars (for Duration moves)
Some companies can grow for long period of time. They tend to make multi year moves.
Five years growth star (for duration moves)
Similar to scan above but with last 3 year growth faster than last 5 year growth. These are rare stocks.

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